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At BEI, we offer a unique international engineering service
that is comprehensive in scope,
personalized in approach
and cost effective in practice.
Consulting Engineers for Global Beverage Clients as Well as Local Customers

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Cost Effective

Capacity Increase of Brew-Houses
Capacity Increase of Fermentation and Aging
Automation of Fermentation and Aging
Capacity Increase of Filtration and Blending
Design of Sterile Final Filtration System
Capacity Increase of Refrigeration
Integration and Installation of CO2 Collection and Recovery System
Design and Start-up of a New Yeast Storage and Pitching System
CIP systems
Design and Start-up of Multi-Component Blending System
Upgrade Grains Handling and Storage System
Add a New Tankfarm to Existing Building
Assessment of Cleaning Procedures to Improve Operation
Flash Pasteurizer for Small Brewery
Flash Pasteurizer for Higher Flow-Rates
Automatic Copper Electrode System
Small DE Filtration System
For our Customers BEI gained its experience worldwide.